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Phiture Academy is the online learning platform of award-winning mobile growth consultancy Phiture.

Here, both beginners and experts can learn new skills in mobile growth through courses based on Phiture’s industry-leading conceptual frameworks. These frameworks are designed to help marketers, founders and growth practitioners develop and evolve a strategy for growing the user base of a mobile product. You can learn more about us, and our industry-leading ASO, Mobile Growth, and ASA Stacks by following the link below.

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Main team

Andy Carvell – Management
Catarina Rosa – Design
Conor Rushby – Marketing
Csilla Odor – Design
Géraldine de Carné-Carnavalet – Marketing
Iryna Chernyshevska – ASO
Justyna Pietryga – Design
Kahnar Abdulqader – Marketing
Marijana Jocic – Marketing
Tim Bremer – Marketing
Tomasz Siniakiewicz – Design

Contributing people

Ana Filipa Moutas, Anton Tatarynovich, Ching Nga Maggie Ngai, David Lymburn, Dimitra Karagiannakou, Erica Saraval,
Gonçalo Ramos, Goncalo Trindade, Ingrid Müller Odriozola,
Kacper Czyczyło, Mariano Briozzo, Michał Gryga, Rinat Khanbekov, Silvana Fezga, Sofi Nardone, Vincenzo Romeo, Will Campbell





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